BRPP Network: The Next Level Up!!!

Hello Peeps!!! BRPP Network is growing fast with the publishing, magazines and radio shows, so now we are ready to advance to the next level…LIVE EVENTS!!!Yes, that’s right…BRPP will host our first live event in September 2015! It is the brainchild of our Mentor/Business Adviser Eric “Crow” Draven. We will produce a 2-day event for our Authors/Magazine Staff and a Book Fair other authors are welcome to attend. It will bring exposure to BRPP Network and anyone else interested in attending the event.

As the months progress, information about the event will be posted here, on our Facebook pages and on Twitter as well as Pinterest so stay tuned because this is gonna be BIG!!!

Continue to expect and anticipate great things from BRPP as we continue to be led by God and do the work He has assigned for us to do! Oh and look around…there are a few updates on the site’s pages!!!


BRPP Network and Blaqrayn Publishing Plus rise to the next challenge!!!

BlaqRayn Publishing Plus has now become BRPP Network because we are invested in so much more than publishing. Radio shows, magazines, books and now the next step…professional promotions!

BRPP would like to introduce to you Puttin’ U On Promotions, our answer to promoting artists from all arenas through this social network called the WORLD WIDE WEB.


Pertinent information, contact, and pricing will soon be available, so stay tuned for BRPP’s next major move!!!

Also check out the updated pages, we have added some new authors, titles, and magazines…ENJOY!

Everything Under the BlaqRayn Umbrella!

Well hello everyone! Been awhile since I’ve been here to update the site…we’ve been so busy publishing and taking BlaqRayn to the next level!!!

You can now get it all under the BlaqRayn Umbrella…Publishing, Radio, Magazines, Promotions, Marketing…Poetry, Inspirational, Fiction, Non-fiction, Erotica, Romance, Business and we hope to soon add another level of Editorial Services to our long list.  Thanks to you and all your support, BRPP is growing and expanding at a tremendous rate and we are truly blessed!!!

We have also added new authors and new books to our list of accomplishments…so please enjoy!

Issue 4 of BRPP Magazine is now available for download and viewing and will soon be available in print!

Cover Story: The Legend DA GYMINI


Enjoy DA Gymini’s new song MEET ME @ DA BAR