BlaqRayn Services & Prices

BlaqRayn Publishing offers the best prices in the Industry for publishing and making the dream of becoming a published author a reality.  No hidden fees and no hidden agendas! BlaqRayn Publishing will publish and promote your work at a price you can afford and others in the industry will laugh at.  We at BlaqRayn, we are about making dreams come true one published book at a time… BlaqRayn Publishing receives no royalties which simply means every dime the author makes on his/her published work is theirs to keep!



This package offers a sample of the poet’s work in 25-50 poems as a way to generate interest in the author’s work, identify target audience, and gain feedback from the general reading public.  This package is good for newcomers and first time authors.  It is also available for authors interested in doing Flash Fiction (2500-5000 words) and short Novellas (2500-7000 words).


This package is for the author with a full poetic collection of work which includes 50+ pieces or poems.  It is also available for authors interested in doing a Short Story or Childrens book.  Any work between (7000-12500) words would fall under this category.


This package is for any work that is more than 12500-50,000 words whether it be fiction, non-fiction, self-help, etc.

450.00 (flat rate)

Any manuscript 51,000-75,000 words

550.00 (flat rate)

Any manuscript 75,000 100,000 words

Manuscripts above 100,000 words pricing may vary


Each package includes professionally designed book cover for e-book and in print, publishing for Kindle and in print, ISBN #, proofing and *editing, limited promoting on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and Instagram.

*Editing is not offered for poetry titles.

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1 thought on “BlaqRayn Services & Prices

  1. I m doing a book on original quotes i would like to publish. I have a front cover also

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