B&R Consulting

BRPP Media Group is proud to announce our new service.  B&R Consulting is geared towards helping those on the road to becoming Self-Published Authors with customized consultations. Consultations will include any and all information necessary to help the author become familiar and comfortable with the varying aspects of self-publishing.

With the myriad of publishing companies showing up on the scene on a daily basis and the horror stories many authors have shared about being scammed/abused by this growing industry, many aspiring authors are leery, even downright reluctant to trust their valuable words to anyone else. Here at B&R Consulting, we will help you ease your stress, maintain control of your work and publish a highly professional product you can be proud of and that will generate income.

Services Provided By B&R Consulting:

-General Consultations $25

-Manuscript Preparation Starting @$25

-Manuscript Formatting Starting@$25

-Editing Referral

-Book Covers

-Graphic Design Referrals

-Marketing and Branding Consultations $35

Contact us: bandrconsulting18@gmail.com

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